“Feed ‘em Up” – 9/10

Feed ‘em Up has received a review from the fine folk at App-Score. The review scored the game 9/10 and can be be found here.

“Feed ‘em Up is a massively enjoy gameplay experience. Once you work out how to play the game, you will find it hard to stop. Once you complete the main game, it only gets better with multiplayer.”

“Feed ‘em Up” 2nd Review

Like to say thanks to the fine folk at IndieGameMagazine for their review of Feed ‘em Up. Receiving a solid score of 87%.

“Yummy Goodness. Feed ‘em Up is a simple game. It has built on a solid mechanic that is easily learned, but tough to master. The cute aesthetic and fast, upbeat music help in build a solid artistic look that adds to the overall quality of the title”

Handmade Games has landed!

Welcome to the new Handmade Games website! Handmade Games is a new startup independent games company, devoted to serving the gaming public. After much hard work I am proud to announce our first title, “Feed `em Up”. To be released on 19th January 2012 exclusively for the iPhone and iPod. Please check it out!